Why You Need To Change Your Air Conditioners Filters

Air Conditioning Filters

Having a dirty Air Conditioning filter is the number one most common reason for AC system failure. When the filter is dirty it restricts the air flow to the AC’s air handler. This restricted air flow adds more stress on the air handlers fan motor and will eventually lead to a burn out of the AC’s motor. This will cause the AC to overheat and eventually fail.

Resulting in you needing Air Conditioning repairs.

The price of a new AC filter is a small price to pay to prevent you needing AC repairs. It is also a super cheap way to prolong the life of one of the most expensive pieces of equipment you have in your home.

Regularly changing your AC’s air filters also saves you money on utility bills. Dirty filters cause more stress on your fan motor meaning the AC needs to consume more energy and thus costing you more money.

Changing your AC’s air filter is also great for the health of everyone inside your home. Having dirty filters can increase the effects of allergies (especially in children) and also have negative effects on people with asthma.

Another key point that may convince you is that it is great for the environment. Because dirty filters increase the amount of energy consumption required, they also increase your carbon footprint. Using fresh filters means you use less energy and so is an affordable way to be environmentally friendly.

Lastly, if you’re like any normal Canadian, you’d prefer not to have to spend out a lot of money on AC repairs. By just spending a few dollars you could prevent spending thousands later on down the line. This is because a dirty AC air filter makes your system and ducts collect dirt. Leading to an expensive repair or the need for a complete new AC install sooner than you should need to.