When Do I Need To Change My AC Filter?

When Do I Need To Change My AC Filter?

A common question I get asked is “how often do I need to change my AC filter” and although I’d love there to be a one size fits all answer, the simple answer is “it depends”.

There are numerous factors that determine when you need to change your AC filters, but the main rule to stick by is this… “if it looks dirty, it needs changing”.

With that being said it’s important to note that you don’t want to leave it until the filter is completely filthy, because that will cause your AC to not run at a very efficient state and could lead to a complete AC Breakdown.

Unfortunately, depending on the circumstances, this can be as often as once per month.

Fortunately, they are rather cheap to buy and are well worth the investment.

What factors effect the frequency my AC filters need changing?

Some of the main factors that determine how often you need to change your AC filter include:

  • The type of filter your AC uses – Different filters have different life spans.
  • Number of pets – Cats, Dogs, Birds etc. – Having pets in your home means you will have to change your AC filters more frequently.
  • Amount of people living in the home – The more people you have living in the home the more dirt goes through your AC.
  • Air pollution of local area – Usually an issue in city’s but made worse by construction sites.

Why do I need to change my AC filter?

It is important to change your AC filters because the number one most common cause of AC break down is having dirty AC filters.

When you have dirty/clogged filters you air handlers fan motor has to work extra hard. Potentially leading to a burn out of your AC’s motor.

But that’s not all

It also costs you more money to run your AC as it requires more energy to perform with dirty filters.

So in answer to the initial question… because it saves you money!

Thanks for reading and have a great day.