Air Conditioning Repairs Ottawa

Do You Need Air Conditioning Repairs In Ottawa?

When the temperature rises, and you are feeling the heat but your AC unit has broken down. You need a fast, trouble free and thorough service. Let me relieve the pressure for you.

I am qualified to repair all makes of Air Conditioners and with 40 years experience I can guarantee your unit will be up and running real fast. So instead of getting hot and bothered contact me and you and your AC will be soon problem free.

As soon as you notice a problem however small- be it a change in the sound of your unit. Or maybe you notice it’s not running as well as it used to, it’s time to call me.

The more efficiently your unit is running the cheaper your running costs.

Remember the sooner a problem is dealt with, the less it will cost to repair. If you leave it, it will multiply and so will your costs.

So why are you waiting – contact me today.

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