Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Advice

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Advice

Preventative maintenance is the always key to an efficient Air Conditioner. It makes the running of the unit more economic and prevents you needing frequent AC repairs.

The problem most home owners have is that they simply don’t understand how to take care of their AC well enough.

Understanding how to maintain your AC allows you to prolong it’s life and know when you need a professional to take a look.

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

I’m sure I don’t need to explain why you should take care of your AC. It is a very expensive piece of equipment, which means repairing it can be costly. That alone is a good enough reason to take care of your AC, but how about the fact that living in Canada – it’s kind of hard to live without it!

So you will benefit from performing the following 3 AC preventative maintenance tasks:

Don’t abuse your AC
Always make sure that every condition inside your home is at the best possible so your AC doesn’t have to do more of a job decreasing the temperature. Find anywhere cool air can escape and fix it ASAP.

Replace your Air Conditioners Filters
The most common cause for AC system failure is dirty AC filters. This is because dirty filters cause the air handlers fan motor to work harder which eventually leads to a burn out of the Air Conditioners motor – causing it to fail. It also costs more money to run your AC with dirty filters as the system requires more energy to function.

Clean out your air ducts
When your air ducts are clogged up the air flow is restricted which means your AC has to work harder to push the air around. This can cause your Air Conditioners motor to burn out at worst, and cost a small fortune to run at best.

Closing words on AC Preventative Maintenance

So there are 3 actionable things you can do today to help preserve your AC unit. It may seem like a lot of bother now but believe me when I say it is well worth the effort!

I would also advice getting on a preventative maintenance schedule with your HVAC contractor. This can save you a lot of money down the line – especially if you end up requiring an emergency call out!

Thank you for reading.