5 Great Ways To Save Money On Air Conditioning Bills This Summer

Save Money On Air Conditioning Bills

HVAC contractors are often asked by customers if there are anyways they can save money on their Air Conditioning Installation. And while some of the lengths people go to in order to try to save money might not be too wise. There are certainly smart things you can do post installation to save money on air conditioning bills.

1. Shut The Blinds Early To Keep The Sun Out Of Your Home When It’s Hot Outside

The first thing many of us do is open the blinds in the morning, but leaving them open when the sun gets high causes the air in your home to warm significantly. Simply closing your blinds before the sun gets too high can really help take a load off your AC by trapping the cool air in and not letting it warm.

2. Make Sure You Are Only Cooling Your Home

Over time, doors and window seals can form cracks letting cool air (and hot air in the winter) escape out of your home. Check all doors and windows are not letting out cool air to ensure this isn’t occurring in your home.

3. Check Your Thermostat Location

All too often thermostats are located in the wrong place, meaning your AC cannot determine the correct temperature of your home. This means that your AC will use more energy trying to cool the air when it doesn’t need too. Ask your HVAC contractor if it is located correctly during your next AC service.

4. Replace your Air Conditioners Filters

When your filters are dirty your AC requires more energy to run the motor. This means it will cost more to run and could also lead to a motor burn out. It is essential you keep your AC filters fresh throughout summer to prevent AC breakdown and keep costs down (more on AC filters here).

5. Get Your Body Used To The Warm

There’s a fine line between too warm and too cool and what a lot of people are doing now days in order to try to save money is slowly increasing the temperature their AC turns on at. Slowly but surely their bodies adapt to the change and they claim to feel more comfortable at warmer temperatures.

That’s 5 great ways you can save money on your Air Conditioning bills this summer, I hope you enjoyed this list!

5 Ways To Save Money On Air Conditioning Bills